I-TRANSFER, with more then 10 years experience in the money transfer industry and physically present in several countries of Europe and America, cares to offer each of its clients fast, reliable trustworthy and personalized service throughout our extensive correspondent network in each and every country where we offer our payment services, either by cash pickup, bank deposit or home delivery, and with not additional fees for the beneficiary

Payments policies in ROMANIA

Payment Currencies

Payment Types
Bank Deposit

Delivery Time
1-48 Hours

  • Maximum limit 500€ per transaction.
  • You can pay by bank transfer or credit and debit card.
  • Tight on cash? don’t wait until the end of the month, send money today with a credit card and your beneficiary will have it available in less than 24 hours
  •  Fast, without leaving home, and it can be done from your smart phone or computer.